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Bringing Vintage Flair to Your Next Event

Our venture of bringing these Piaggio’s to Melbourne was inspired with our passion of travel, history and the joy of bringing families and friends together around food and drink. When we came across the Piaggios Ape, we envisioned something special – we had to bring these pieces of European history to Australia. And this is how Aperino and Co was born. We’ve brought these Ape’s Back to life so that they can be a part of your next event where your guests can gather around and share a drink and eat and make lasting memories. Great food and a good drink has forever brought people together – because the best moments in life are shared.


Frankie is our blue 1967 Ape AD1T which came from the narrow cobble streets of Italy. We saw an amazing opportunity and instantly fell in love with its rustic and vintage character. After the long journey from Italy to Melbourne and many hours of hard work and love, this Ape was well deservingly restored and now ready to be a part of your next event.

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Bettina is our chic white 1993 Ape 501 that came from and worked in the picturesque farmlands of Italy. Her restoration beams elegance. Starting out in original blue and fully restored in a custom white finish, we are certain Bettina is perfect for weddings, engagements, bridal showers or your next event that needs a spritz of class.

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Features & Fittings

The Piaggio Ape’s uniqueness will make any event more special, fitted with a solid hardwood top and a built in ice sink for you and your guests to enjoy endless amounts of beverages, food or whatever your party needs. Also tap pouring a wide range of beers, wines, champagnes , margaritas and espresso martinis.

We want to provide you with a unique experience creating conversation, laughter, togetherness and best of all lasting memories.


Make your next event one that everyone will remember.